For George and Jen Memory the decision to adopt a healthier lifestyle wasn’t so much a choice as a necessity.  George is a Type I diabetic, and Jen was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 30.  Her particular type of cancer was 98% estrogen-fed, so it was immediately important for her to avoid estrogen in all forms.  A former fast food junkie, she began a strict soy-free, antibiotic-free, non-GMO, organic diet.  They began reading more food labels, planning healthier meals, and watching various food-themed documentaries.  George became interested in juicing, but they discovered that there was no place to buy organic juices in the Winston-Salem area.

After visiting juice bars in Asheville, Charlotte, and Raleigh, they decided to open their own.   George’s goal was to offer juice that not only was healthy, but also tasted good.  In May 2015 George began selling his cold-pressed juices from a push cart and offering an online ordering and delivery service.  By the fall he had opened a storefront on South Hawthorne Road.  As Organix Juice Bar took off, it became apparent that there was pent-up demand for delicious cold-pressed organic juices.   Within a short time OJB was receiving 2,000 pounds of organic fruits and vegetables each week from local farmers like Faucette Farms, Plum Granny Farms, Fair Share Farms, and Coltrane Farms.


George and Jen‘s personal journey has benefited the entire community.  As one customer remarked, “[Organix is] one of the best spots in Winston! Kind, gracious and passionate owner who deeply cares about health and ensuring the products he sells are the best possible quality (all organic ingredients). The juices are incredible- the best I have ever had!”

About Us

About Our Juices

What Makes Organix Juice Bar (OJB) different?

Our goal is to make healthy nutrient-dense juices that taste good!

High quality: Our products are unprocessed, organic, mostly local, GMO-free, and made on-site.

Nutrient-dense: Our ingredients are 100% plant-based, and our cold-pressed juices provide much more nutrition than those found in grocery stores or made-to-order smoothies.


No HPP: Our juices are raw and cold-pressed. Truly fresh juices expire in days, and the enzymes are preserved through the cold-press process. Juices that have undergone high-pressure pasteurization (HPP) in a factory can be over one month old, and the HPP destroys many of the nutrients.

Convenient: Our customers like the fact that we sell, not only from our storefront, but also online for home/office delivery.

Taste: Our customers frequently comment on how delicious our juices taste.  Nutritious and delicious shouldn’t be mutually exclusive!

What Is Organic?

Organic foods are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

Is Your Produce All Organic?

At OJB we are committed to using organic produce in our cold-pressed juices.  We use 100% organic produce. When it is impossible to source certified organic produce (ie small local farms), we use produce that is farmed using trustworthy organic practices.

Are Your Products Vegan? Gluten-Free?

Vegan diets exclude all animal products, including meat, fish, eggs, and dairy.  All of our juices are 100% vegan and thus dairy-free. Many of our food products are entirely gluten-free.

Do You Use Local Ingredients?

As a small, local business ourselves, we actively support local. We use local farms whenever possible.  Our local farms include: Faucette Farms, Fair Share Farm, Coltrane Farms, Plum Granny Farm, Gnomestead Hollow Farm and Forage.

Do You Deliver? Do You Ship?

Not at this time. But be on the lookout for new ways to get your Organix Juice soon!

What Does Cold-Pressed Mean?

Cold-pressing is the process we use to create the most nutrient-dense, fresh, and delicious juices possible. Most made-to-order and homemade juices are created using centrifugal or masticating machines — a process that can destroy nutrients and live enzymes. Likewise, high pressure processing (HPP) techniques, used to increase shelf-life for many store-bought juices, degrade the quality of the juice which is not fresh.

At Organix Juice Bar, our juices are made fresh, in-house, using a cold-press machine technique that preserves all of the nutrients.  Organic fruits and vegetables are first crushed into a slurry, then the hydraulic press squeezes out every drop of liquid. This extraction process preserves enzymes and nutrients and results in the freshest tasting juice possible. Fresh, cold-pressed juice has a five-day shelf life under refrigeration.

Why Are Your Juices So Expensive?

Our pricing reflects our use of local, raw, and organic produce which costs significantly more than conventional ingredients. Each juice is individually priced according to the cost of ingredients.  We will not compromise on the quality of our ingredients.

What Is The Difference Between a Juice and a Smoothie?

Our juices are created from cold-pressing organic fruits and vegetables. Smoothies contain fruits and vegetables that are blended with other items like ice, water, juice, milk, yogurt, ice cream or sherbet, as well as sweeteners like sugar, syrup, or honey.  The blending process of a smoothie will destroy many of the live enzymes and nutrients, whereas the cold-press method will keep much more of the nutrient content intact and enzymes alive and well.  Smoothies also have about a 1-hour shelf life, whereas our cold-pressed juices have a 5-day shelf life.

Do Your Juices Contain Sugar?

We do not use refined sugar in any of our juices. The only sugars in our juices are natural sugars from the fruits and vegetables.

What’s The Shelf Life of Your Juices?

The shelf life is five days for our juices. Each bottle will be labelled with an expiration date for your convenience. Our products are fresh and unprocessed, and we use no preservatives or pasteurization methods. Any juices that have a longer shelf-life will have used some sort of pasteurization.

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