Lori White:

About 4 weeks ago a close friend introduced me to Organix Juice Bar on Hawthorne Rd in Winston-Salem. I have suffered for the last year and half with a chronic knee injury that I thought was a possible meniscus tear which had sidelined my running and weekly training and resulted in a significant amount of weight gain. After a month of juicing 2 x a day my pain and tenderness has vanished ! I was on the verge of having an MRI and was eating a weekly dose of Advil which is a non natural anti-inflammatory along with applying numerous sports creams. There is no other explanation as I have done nothing else other than add these power food juices with natural anti-inflammatories included, to my diet. I am sleeping better than I have in years, have much more energy, arthritis is better and I’m now up to running 2.5 miles a day completely pain free! They are filing, curb your cravings, high in fiber and they have helped me get back on track along with the best benefit of all; they are so very good for your body! Go see them and see what their delicious product can do for you. Please support local! The owners and their staff are some of the nicest people you will ever meet!

Amanda Anderson:

Totally the best organic juice i have ever had. We love the people, the location and the atmosphere here. We love supporting local and this is one of the best places to do so. All the juices are great and even our little one loves it! Thanks so much for caring about what we put in our bodies!

Jeff Woodall:

Organix is a great local business. George is very knowledgeable and helpful with any questions. The 2-day cleanse helped my wife and I feel better, and kick started us into our own juicing. The juices all are very tasty and fresh. Go check them out when you are in Ardmore.

Lori Gee:

I didn’t know a thing about juice bars and/or juicing. They were SO nice and I got to try each juice before I purchased any. They had patience for ALL of my questions and answered with a smile. Customer service here is DEFINITELY #1!!!! The juices are pretty darn good also!!!

Kelly Ward-Dooley:

Fabulous!!! When you first go in there they give you a sample line up of all the flavors!!! Super fresh and delicious… I loved them all! the Ardmore and the Old Salem are two of my faves and I also love the spicy habañero in the Twin City. Very beautiful shop. So glad you guys finally got a store front!! Plus they are willing to hold you bottles of your faves!

Jaclyn Davis:

Went this afternoon for a juice and not only got one but went back for a second! Awesome juices that make you feel so healthy afterward! Super friendly owner who has an adorable wife!

Amber Knox:

Delicious! I got the Camel City and it was so good that I wanted to turn around and buy a few more. Only thing that stopped me was traffic.

Lauren Robins:

I’m so thankful we finally have an organic juicing company!! By far the best in town. I will be telling everyone I know about this. The beet and lime shot is delicious!! Thanks, George!!

Holly K:

Yes!!! Finally a good old brick and mortar juice joint! I had followed Organix on social media and was pumped to hear they would be taking over the spot where Tart Sweets use to be. The owners are so sweet and let me sample every single one of the juices they offer when I went in. My favorites were The Ardmore which was more of your standard green juice and The Old Salem which is beet with a great lime twist. The juices aren’t cheap, but what juices are? It take so much produce to make just one thing of juice, so I understand the price. Some of them have something like 15 servings of kale in one juice, don’t quote me on that, basically it is a ton of freaking produce.

They also are offering hummus and salads. Perfect spot to grab a quick healthy lunch. They have a few tables that you can eat your lunch at or just enjoy some juice with friends!

David Y:

At last a healthy place to grab a juice any time of day or a healthy lunch or dinner salad, soup, or hummus.

I am not known on Yelp for my healthy diet but I feel good when I drink these cold pressed juices. 6 different flavors from kid friendly Camel City to the richer Dash to the spicy Twin City.

I haven’t frequented this neighborhood much to date but I am looking forward to coming back more often now.

Shayna R:

Love that you can sample the juices before you buy them.  I can’t stand beets, but after trying Old Salem, I decided I can definitely drink them and bought two of the juices.  This place makes me wish I were local, because I’d be there every morning.  The owner is such a great guy to talk with; he doesn’t make you feel rushed but instead makes you feel very welcome. I love this juice bar and will be back anytime I’m in Winston-Salem.

Stephanie A:

I am so excited to finally try this place out! My husband and I went this afternoon and met the owner, George. He is extremely friendly and also very knowledgeable about the health benefits of organic and non-GMO foods!! The interior is very well kept, clean and I smelled the fresh pineapple immediately when I entered. It smelled delicious! I love that we could sample the juices prior to deciding what to get. For me, I loved them all!! My husband even tried the Old Salem which contained beets– best of all, he LIKED IT! It also has collard greens, orange and lime juices. You can taste the beets, but the sweetness of the oranges makes it even better. His favorite was the Camel City which has fresh, organic pineapple, orange, kale and spinach. It has a bright green color and a sweet flavor mostly of pineapple. Delicious! I also tasted the Dash which has organic carrot, orange, ginger, turmeric and lime!! The bright, fresh orange color is amazing and the flavor of carrots and sweet oranges is a great combination. Next time we can’t wait to taste the Twin City which has habanero, pineapple, kiwi and star fruit. We picked out some local soap, raspberry jam, and organic gum as well. It’s across from Stella Brew with a burgundy awning. Can’t wait to be back soon!

Hannah B:

George and his family have done a wonderful job creating a delicious and healthy product. Their juice is absolutely delicious. I stopped in this morning for a quick fix and as always was not disappointed. The space is very nature oriented especially their tree trunk Attila which are just too perfect! Absolutely satisfied with my beverage and the service.