Our Story

For George and Jen Memory the decision to adopt a healthier lifestyle wasn’t so much a choice as a necessity.  George is a Type I diabetic, and Jen was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 30.  Her particular type of cancer was 98% estrogen-fed, so it was immediately important for her to avoid estrogen in all forms.  A former fast food junkie, she began a strict soy-free, antibiotic-free, non-GMO, organic diet.  They began reading more food labels, planning healthier meals, and watching various food-themed documentaries.  George became interested in juicing, but they discovered that there was no place to buy organic juices in the Winston-Salem area.

After visiting juice bars in Asheville, Charlotte, and Raleigh, they decided to open their own.   George’s goal was to offer juice that not only was healthy, but also tasted good.  In May 2015 George began selling his cold-pressed juices from a push cart and offering an online ordering and delivery service.  By the fall he had opened a storefront on South Hawthorne Road.  As Organix Juice Bar took off, it became apparent that there was pent-up demand for delicious cold-pressed organic juices.   Within a short time OJB was receiving 2,000 pounds of organic fruits and vegetables each week from local farmers like Faucette Farms, Plum Granny Farms, Fair Share Farms, and Coltrane Farms.

George and Jen‘s personal journey has benefited the entire community.  As one customer remarked, “[Organix is] one of the best spots in Winston! Kind, gracious and passionate owner who deeply cares about health and ensuring the products he sells are the best possible quality (all organic ingredients). The juices are incredible- the best I have ever had!”